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Tutorials about computers, networks, servers, and coding. That’s stuff related to all those subjects you will find here!

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What will follow next will probably be about setting a LAMP server in a proxmox container. And maybe after, install and set up WordPress for your first website.

For now you could have a look at my Proxmox install!

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Here you will find information’s about installing Proxmox on Bare Metal server.

From getting the files to running your first container….

I’m installing it on an old Dell Optiplex 755, but you could probably use anything laying around.

The next tutorial...

Will see what will follow…

Some links if your interested!

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Do you know that GitHub have the options to open your file in an online version of VS Code.

Once in your GitHub account, in your repo, press de dot ‘.’ on your keyboard. This will open your repo in an online VS Code. You could work on your files from there as you would usually do on your computer.

**some add-on will not be available for this VS Code version**